Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Seven benefits from VoIP services

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the latest internet based technology. Due to long distance cheap calls, it has become very popular. But is it really worth replacing your traditional phones with VoIP? Of course!! There are so many benefits with VoIP and it is really worth selecting VoIP.
The many advantages that we get from VoIP technologies are:

• VoIP is economical: VoIP is very much economical as compared to traditional phones. One time fixed monthly rental gives you unlimited local and long distance calls. Apart from that, VoIP service providers provide free local as well as long distance calls through PC to mobile and to landline also. So do check and confirm from the VoIP service provider about these added features.
• Talk with as many people as you want without paying any extra charge. You can talk to more than one people at a time without paying any extra money.
• More flexible: VoIP being portable, you can take the VoIP equipment with you wherever you want. VoIP service provider provides a converter that will allow you to use the converter with any other phone. The converter with your programmed telephone number, allow you to take your phone and phone number anywhere in the world.
• Real time interaction for businesses: It’s beneficial for both businesses and customers using VoIP technology. Customers’ troubleshooting problems would be managed much easily as they would be able to interact on the computer as well as on phone at the same time.
• Value Added features absolutely free: Many VoIP services are free as compared to traditional phones. Features include call waiting, caller ID, faxing, call forwarding, etc.
• VoIP builds faster network for companies where large network is required. VoIP is more cost effective and fast unlike traditional phones.
• It does not require extra phone lines for more than one user. This saves money whereas in traditional phones, you need extra phone line connections.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What do you understand from bandwidth?

An ISP uses two terms to define and differentiate bandwidth. These are upload bandwidth and download bandwidth. Most of the times, an internet service provider will charge on download bandwidth. Download bandwidth is amount of data one can recieve from internet. This includes the size of webpage also which is shown on your browser window. Upload bandwidth is the amount of data one can send to the internet. For VoIP, You require larger bandwidth as compared to simple websurfing or file transfer. Generally, a single VoIP telephone call will use upto 90,000 bps. As you can see yourself the amount of bandwidth required is very large. If bandwidth is less you can still communicate but quality of telephone call declines tremendously. But for good quality call processing, high bandwidth is recommended. For this you can use cable internetr service. But it is bit expensive as compared to DSL.The amount of bandwidth that a VoIP provider requires to make a quality telephone call is the most important thing to consider while opting for a Voice over internet service provider.

VoIP Bandwidth

Voip telecommunication is one of the fastest growing and most demanding of all the telecommunication services in the world. Currently it represents an increasingly high percentage of the most of the telecommunication services worldwide. In many cases voip solutions successfully compete with PSTN, ISDN, Mobile phone networks. In the very near future voip systems employing reliable services will become universal network of communication around the world.

A VoIP application combines merits of both the voice networks and packet networks by allowing both voice and signaling information simultaneously to be transported over the packet switched network. In VoIP Services , instead of connecting your telephone to the wall socket, you connect it to a modem either the VOIP company provides or you buy on your own. The first and major requirement is highspeed/broadband internet connection. VoIP modem is plugged into your cable/dsl modem and now it can communicate with your telephone on one side and the internet on the other side. One major merit of Voice over internet protocol service or you can say internet telephony is that it avoids the prices charged by traditional telephone services that use the age old standard public switched telephone network (PSTN). Actually Voice over internet protocol service has been around the telecommunication circle for a while, it has started picking up speed recently as an alternative source of communication. And the primary reason is that it will save you lot off money.

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